Wood artist turns 250-year-old Victoria Garry oak into mementos

Published on December 6, 2023, 2:20 pm

Published by South Island

Garry oak trees are known for their longevity, but don't last forever, particularly in an urban setting. A roughly 250-year-old tree from the Jubilee neighbourhood, for example, lives on in a series of vases crafted by Victoria wood turner Peter Hackett. While not old for its species, the tree suffered root rot. Now wood vases serve as mementos in the home on the land where the tree originally towered, several sold quickly and the remainder are on display in an Oak Bay gallery. People often find him through his website wanting to commemorate a tree and they lived with for decades. It's been almost a family member, a fixture in their lives, and at the end of its life, people seek a memento. "They want to see it continue and see that relationship continue," he said. "This big thing that's been there for hundreds of years is going to persist. That's the reward for me."

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