Personal connections help B.C. museum Lancaster restoration soar

Published on March 5, 2024, 3:20 pm

Published by South Island

Two chunks of a huge silver plane fill the middle space of a hangar at the BC Aviation Museum. Boxes and bins line shelves along the walls, filled with bits and bobs - some that the restoration team isn't sure where they belong, and others sorted to where they figure the parts belong. It's presumably all the parts to the 1944 Avro Lancaster Mark 10 shipped to the North Saanich site by the City of Toronto in 2018. "We got a kit," explained project lead Gary Powe, joking about the puzzle volunteers have been putting together for years now. Leaning on existing knowledge, the other remaining 16 around the world, old schematics, math and educated guesses, they're sorting it all out to get a good static display.

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