Celebrating International Cat Day in North Delta

Published on August 9, 2018, 5:40 pm

Published by North Delta Reporter

In celebration of International Cat Day, we asked readers to send in photos of their feline friends, and you did not disappoint. Here are a but few of the many photos sent to us over Facebook and email. In order of appearance: Barley (Lynda Fast) Figaro (Jennifer Spanza Savady) Lilo (Sheila Murray-Boychuk) Gracie (Michele Wright) Sylvester (Kait Clarke) Mona (Bri Barns) Eisenhorn (Tabi Thomsen) Scooter (Cheryl Murphy) Sparkles (Karen Bonn) Daisy, Kitten and Buddy (Crystal Mountain) Kasha (Jennifer Larke Friesen) Ollie (Crystal Godfrey) Ellie (Kathleen Walsh Caissie) Milo (Kara Mclauchlan-Vouri) Ringo (Alison Valcamp) Oliver (Cheryl Murphy) Buddy (Crystal Mountain) Milo (Jennifer Spanza Savady) Luckie (Shirley-Anne Parsons) Kitten (Crystal Mountain) Misty (Michele Wright) Pekoe (Laura Marie Ospina) Bandito and Cheeto (Aymee Godmaire) Wiess (Tabi Thomsen) Miss Molly (Helena Borne) Polly (Nicole Desy) Oscar (Susan Worth) Oreo (Noreen Mahmood) (Tera Lyons) Katy and Rocky (Carlene Russell) Willyum of Orange (Marianne Stockland Lawrenson) Foxy Cleocatra and Mew (Nicole Bryer) Meesha (Natalie St. Louis) Gracie (Joanna Rosselli) Kitten (Joshua Lafleur) Lucy (Launa Bannister) (Brookelyn Antone) Buddy (Lori Mayhew) Marla (Noreen Mahmood) Cinder and Flex (Sandi Laponder) Sam (Hailey Marie McInroy) Laddy (Tanya Hayes) Callie (Christina Biener) Monty, Binx, Wookie, Reagan and Sophia (Jessica Palmer) Tux (Aleta Ross) Ella (Christina Biener) Stacy and Romeo (Terry Duzenberry) Frankie (Debbie McMath) Baby Gus (Jennifer Tamelin) Felix and Piper (Debbie Linklater) Neo (Crystal Brunsdon) Ivy and Stella (Kelly Nishi) Dime (Stephanie MacKay) Bella (Maureen Connor Hayes) Frida Khuddles (Stephanie MacKay) Bean and Lucifer (Lisa Stevenson) Kat (Luciana Filice) Tessa (Patti Mercer) Diesel (Lisa Stevenson) Princess Maui (Nicole Jones) Flex (Sandi Laponder) Marley (Sheila Murray-Boychuk) Sir Fitz (Michelle Michelle) Cosmo (Leah Allen) Mog (Natasha Kaweski) Smudge (Natasha Kaweski) Momma (Pam Wright) Izzi (Jennifer Tamelin) Stella (Luciana Filice) Wolfgang (Katherine Elizabeth Rose) Chief (Sheila Dickinson) Hubert (Kathy Monk) Lady Bella (Michelle Michelle) Miss Soda (Janet Tanaka) (Andrea Dolman) Charlie Putsek (John Taylor-Wilson) (Sherry Allen) (Hailey Marsh) (Hailey Marsh) (Helena Borne) (Hailey Marsh) Brooklyn (Doug Sandover) Frankie (Debbie McMath) Sabrina (Heidi Jansen) Minty (Grace Kennedy) Frasier (Grace Kennedy) Symba (Shirly Meier) Shadow and Gracie (Pamela Schut)

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