Young eagle released in Oak Bay

Published on June 16, 2017, 4:21 pm

Published by Oak Bay News

A handful of residents were on hand this afternoon as a juvenile eagle returned to Oak Bay after recuperating in Metchosin and Duncan. The young male was discovered below his nest during a May wind storm and taken to BC SPCA Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre in Metchosin. After being medically cleared, he spent some time at The Raptors in Duncan and was taken cared by a foster mom, says Christina* Carrières, senior wildlife rehabilitator at Wild ARC. “It was the best sitation for the fledgling to go there and be cared for by the foster parents eagles until he was strong neough tobe able to fly on his own,” Carrières said. With eyes always watching the nest behind the police and fire building on Monterey Avenue, Wild ARC was quickly notified once the other juvenile in the nest took flight. “His sibling fledged also in the last couple of days and he was ready … we just wanted to reunite them as soon as possible,” Carrières said.

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