Playful Pencil Art Studio opens in Oak Bay

Published on February 21, 2017, 9:41 am

Published by Oak Bay News

oung voices compare characters with one-leg and anime eyes and even shoots of bamboo sprouting from plain white paper. The new Playful Pencil studio burbles with interest in each drawing shared, until the group of boys tries to explain how, or why they enjoy it. “I just like drawing,” Ronan Ling sums it up. The handful of youngsters from Central Middle, Margaret Jenkins and Oak Bay High schools, were among the earliest of pupils at the new Oak Bay art studio that aims to keep the fun in drawing. “There will not be any 60-hour paintings but there will be lots of doodling,” said Jodi Appleton, owner of Playful Pencil art studio. Appleton opened her studio Feb. 18 with a handful of free classes dedicated to drawing, keeping the option open to add watercolour or other paint in the future.

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